Not on Team-Based Pay?

Why do you need to attend?

The answer starts with a question: Is your pay program controversial?

Let’s find out…

Are you handing out commission checks — that you can’t afford — to staff members who have little concern beyond the face they see in the mirror?

That sounds controversial…

Are you renting out stations and wondering why you personally guaranteed a bank loan and/or a lease to open a business where no one needs to follow your rules or help you grow?

That sounds controversial…

Or, are you paying your staff based on their overall contribution to the growth of the business, with clearly defined and communicated goals set for sales, productivity and efficiency?

That sounds like a well-run business — one thriving on Team-Based Pay.

But ironically, for years naysayers have labeled Team-Based Pay as “controversial.”

Yet these same naysayers choose to continue to struggle with the downfalls of commission and booth rental in their own businesses…for no other reason than “it’s how everyone else is doing it.”

The fact of the matter is, Team-Based Pay is a thriving in the beauty industry…

Search the myriad of salon/spa Facebook groups — in-between the cries of help and confusion from commission and rental owners you’ll find countless posts from Team-Based Pay owners urging them to make a change.

And for good reason, as Team-Based Pay offers

  • Consistent bottom-line profits
  • A pay program that you can afford
  • A paycheck an owner deserves
  • Clients loyal to the business — not to an individual
  • A team culture where everyone is motivated and rewarded by growth
  • Bulletproof systems to ensure consistency
  • Removal of the lure of booth rental and suite from your staff
  • Compliance to Bill 1513 if you are based in California

Are you ready for change as much as we are?

The good news is, it’s coming…

And You’re About To Get It Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

If you wanted to learn a subject…I mean REALLY learn it, which would you rather do?

A: Listen to what others are posting online and pray what they are saying is accurate?

B: Read a book or white paper by the number one expert on the subject?

C: Get that expert and his entire team in one place for two days to show you everything they know on the subject, AND have them bring along a few hundred of their clients to prove that it works?

The answer is obvious isn’t it? And the good news is, that’s exactly what you’ll be experiencing at the 2016 Team-Based Pay Conference.

Come learn Team-Based Pay from the originators

Strategies Founder & CEO, Neil Ducoff, created the Team-Based Pay business model for salons, spas and medspas over thirty years ago. Since that time, we have taught the program to thousands of owners and managers…both in the classroom and working hands-on through out coaching program.

Our team of Certified Strategies Coaches (CSCs) represents the brightest business minds in the industry. No one becomes a CSC without mastering the Team-Based Pay concepts within their own business.

…And you’ll have access to them ALL at TBP16.

Team-Based Pay Conference 2016

Before we tell you about the event itself, we first want to tell you what we think about most beauty industry business events…

Most beauty industry business events are big on “feel good” and low on results…

Far too often we see owners invest thousands of dollars to bring their staff to industry events that position themselves as “game-changing” business programs…

Yet most of the time, the following week the “rah rah” factor wears off, and absolutely nothing has changed in the business. Because light content equals light results.

This is NOT what you will experience at TBP16.

Here are some other things TBP16 is not…

  • TBP16 is NOT just for those that are currently using Team-Based Pay. In fact, we have two entire days of breakout sessions specifically for attendees who are not on Team-Based Pay yet. See the agenda for “non” Team-Based Pay salons, spas and medspas here.
  • TBP16 is NOT two days of “too good to be true” information: Everything you’ll hear is producing incredible results in salons, spas and medspas every day. In fact, LOTS of those businesses will be in attendance for you to network with and learn from.
  • TBP16 is NOT your typical multi-speaker conference: You’ll hear from the Strategies team only, as we share the ins-and-outs of Team-Based Pay. Each class builds on the next. It’s not a constant rotation of speakers delivering one unrelated presentation after another.

NEW FOR 2016:

  • “Not on Team-Based Pay” breakouts on BOTH days: New this year, we’re going deeper into the TBP system than ever before by keeping ALL of your breakout sessions completely separate from those who are already using the system. We want to make sure you leave the event with a full understanding of how TBP works.
  • Starting Pay Calculations & Broadbands: This is a biggie. For the first time ever, we are teaching how to calculate starting pay and our broadband system outside of our Incubator Seminar. This dangerous stuff if not followed precisely…so follow along closely!
  • Digital Marketing Keynote: Strategies’ resident digital marketing expert, Eric Ducoff, will be delivering a jam-packed keynote on cutting-edge marketing tactics you can use to start growing your audience immediately.
  • Best Practices Panel Discussion: The Team-Based Pay Owner’s Panel Discussion has been one of the biggest highlights of the TBP Conference. This year, we’re putting a theme on the conversation, and have asked each of these TBP All-Stars to share their most critical best practices for running a TBP salon, spa or medspa.

Team-Based Pay works.

Now is your chance to learn it from the originators, AND network with some of the most successful Team-Based Pay salon/spa owners in the country.

Make the investment in your future…

…Your company’s future.

…Your staff’s future.

The investment will pay for itself tenfold. (Did we mention hotel rooms are only $99/night?)

Join us in Chicago for two days as we further advance the best compensation program in the professional beauty industry. Come network. Come learn. Come celebrate.

But remember, ticket prices will continue to increase up until the event. Register now, or pay more later!


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