Are you on Team-Based Pay?

Why you need to be here:

Every year, the largest gathering of Team-Based Pay salons, spas and medspas comes together at Strategies’ Team-Based Pay Conference to network and super-charge their TBP companies. Here’s why you need to be in attendance this year…As a Team-Based Pay salon/spa owner, you’re intimately aware of the benefits of a healthy employee-based culture.Unfortunately, much of the beauty industry isn’t, and they’re pushing against employee-based salons, spas and medspas with the influx of rental and suites.

So now more than ever, you need to be strengthening your systems, culture and leadership skills in order to LIFT your Team-Based Pay company above the competition…not only in the eyes of the consumer, but in order to retain your STAFF as well. 

And we’re going to show you how to do BOTH with two BIG unveilings at TBP17:

#1: The Launch of TBP 2.0

After extensive development behind closed doors, we are thrilled to be unveiling the next evolution of Team-Based Pay at this year’s conference: Team-Based Pay 2.0. Do you have what it takes to get there? We’ve got six breakouts to get you on track and pushing your TBP company to the next level of awesome.

Here’s just a small taste of where we’re going to take you:
  • Culture: How to create “whatever it takes” thinking and behavior in every area of your salon/spa culture.
  • Service: How to educate the customer on the benefits being serviced by and loyal to a Team-Based salon/spa. It’s time to convert the client to team-based thinking.
  • Coaching: How to use the power of one-on-one coaching with your team to achieve the highest levels of consistency and performance.
  • Leadership: The skills you need to lead your team to embrace the thinking and behaviors of TBP 2.0.
  • Systems: How to define, build and implement new growth systems, but not overwhelm you or your staff in the process.
  • Brand: How to create a true Team-Based Brand that differentiates your salon/spa from traditional commission and suite operations.

#2: Sessions for TBP Service Providers

You asked for it…and here it is! New for TBP17, we have four breakout sessions exclusively for your service providers! It’s time for your staff to fully understand what TBP is and how it works. More importantly, they need to know how and why TBP provides them with more stability, earning potential and career growth than any other employment opportunity in the beauty industry.

Check out the full “On TBP” agenda here.

What Else is new at TBP17?
  • Service Provider’s Panel Discussion: This year, we’re putting service providers in the spotlight to hear their perspective on working in a TBP salon, spa or medspa. They’ll share what motivates them, how they like to be supported and more! A must-attend session for both you and your staff!
  • Bonus “Deep Dive” Breakouts: In addition to the six breakout session focused on taking your company to TBP 2.0, we’re also offering two “Deep Dive” breakouts focused on specialized topics that come up repeatedly in our coaching work: Team Bonus Structures, and Setting & Hitting Goals. That a total of eight “on TBP” breakouts to choose from!
Should you attend if you’re currently working with a Strategies Coach?

Absolutely! We cannot stress enough the power of having access not only to the entire Strategies team, but also the largest gathering of Team-Based Pay salons, spas and medspas ever assembled.

In two days, you’re going to be exposed to more new ideas through networking alone than you’ll know what to do with.

Some things TBP17 is not…
  • TBP17 is NOT just for those that want to learn about converting to Team-Based Pay. In fact, we have two entire days of breakout sessions (8 total) specifically for those of your who are on Team-Based Pay.
  • TBP17 is NOT two days of “old and repeated” information: We put a lot of effort to make sure you’re getting our most “cutting edge” content. In fact, all the breakout session topics were developed by pooling together the most common Team-Based Pay pitfalls our Certified Strategies Coaches encounters throughout the year. We know what you need to work on, because we see it while with hundreds of TBP companies each month!
  • TBP17 is NOT your typical multi-speaker conference: You’ll hear from the Strategies team only, as we share the ins-and-outs of Team-Based Pay. Each class builds on the next. It’s not a constant rotation of speakers delivering one unrelated presentation after another.

Come learn, refine and network the pay system that you built your entire business model around.

Come be one of the “cool kids”, and show the non-TBP attendees the power letting go of commission and rental thinking.

But remember, ticket prices will continue to increase up until the event. Register now, or pay more later!

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