Are you on Team-Based Pay?

Why you need to be here:

Team-Based Pay is not a “set it and forget it” system. It’s hard work, with a lot of moving parts. But you know more than anyone that you didn’t choose TBP for a quick fix. You chose it for the growth and profit potential that it brings to your company. Potential that BURIES any opportunities offered by commission or booth rental.

But along with bigger growth, comes bigger challenges…

  • Is your staff losing focus on the team culture that’s so critical to fueling growth?
  • Are you starting to outgrow the systems that were once efficient, but now not so much?
  • Is the business not quite living up to its true growth potential?

If so, THIS is exactly why we created the Team-Based Pay Conference:

  • To get you re-engaged — so that you can be the leader your business needs you to be.
  • To fine-tune your systems — so that you can boost productivity and efficiency.
  • To get you networking with the largest gathering of Team-Based Pay salons and spas ever assembled — so you can hear first-hand how others are using TBP and have overcome the same obstacles you may be facing.

But remember, ticket prices will continue to rise as we get closer to the event. So be sure to register right now to lock in the lowest ticket prices available.

New for 2016:

“On Team-Based Pay” breakouts on both days: We know you guys want deep content. And this year we’re going deeper into the TBP system than ever before by keeping ALL of your breakout sessions completely separate from those geared towards teaching newbies about the system. See the “On Team-Based Pay” agenda here.

3 Bonus “On Team-Based Pay” breakouts: We came up with so many great topics for the “on TBP” group this year, that we couldn’t decide which ones to leave out. So, we’re offering three additional “optional” breakouts that will repeat each day. That gives you a total of nine “on TBP” breakouts to choose from!

Digital Marketing Keynote: You asked for it, and now you’ve got it! Strategies’ resident digital marketing expert, Eric Ducoff, will be delivering a jam-packed keynote on cutting-edge marketing tactics you can use to start growing your audience immediately.

Best Practices Panel Discussion: The Team-Based Pay Owner’s Panel Discussion has been one of the biggest highlights of the TBP Conference. This year, we’re putting a theme on the conversation, and have asked each of these TBP All-Stars to share their most critical best practices for running a TBP salon, spa or medspa.

If I’m in coaching with Strategies, should I still attend?

Absolutely! We cannot stress enough the power of having access to not only the entire Strategies team, but also the largest gathering of Team-Based Pay salons, spas and medspas ever assembled.

In two days, you’re going to be exposed to more new ideas through networking alone than you’ll know what to do with.

Shari Polignone, owner of the wildly-successful Rituals Salon-Spa in Midlothian, VA put it best: “When I heard about the conference, I didn’t think I needed to come. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I learned so much over these two days, and I can’t wait to come back next year.”

This event is for you…the Team-Based Pay user.

Here are some things TBP16 is not…

  • TBP16 is NOT just for those that want to learn about converting to Team-Based Pay. In fact, we have two entire days of breakout sessions (9 total) specifically for those of your who are on Team-Based Pay.
  • TBP16 is NOT two days of “old and repeated” information: We put a lot of effort to make sure you’re getting our most “cutting edge” content. In fact, all the breakout session topics were developed by pooling together the most common Team-Based Pay pitfalls our Certified Strategies Coaches encounters throughout the year. We know what you need to work on, because we see it while with hundreds of TBP companies each month!
  • TBP16 is NOT your typical multi-speaker conference: You’ll hear from the Strategies team only, as we share the ins-and-outs of Team-Based Pay. Each class builds on the next. It’s not a constant rotation of speakers delivering one unrelated presentation after another.

Come learn, refine and network the pay system that you built your entire business model around.

Come be one of the “cool kids”, and show the non-TBP attendees the power letting go of commission and rental thinking.

But remember, ticket prices will continue to increase up until the event. Register now, or pay more later!


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