Reviews from TBP16

We usually always let our content do the talking. This time, we’re going to let a few attendees from last year’s Team-Based Pay Conference take the mic…

“Team-Based Pay is a cultural system that responds to millennials. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.”
Tracy Ftacek – Privato Salon – Oswego, IL

“My head is exploding!”
Wendy Gentile – Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care – The Woodlands, TX

“I have wondered why we do what we do, and why I’m helping build a brand for someone else using TBP. This conference put everything into perspective and has helped me understand that my employers are working very hard to get us all to be a successful salon, and that’s what I’m excited to be a part of. I was an independent contractor before, and now I really value the TBP model. I would love to have others understand the ‘why’ as well. Thank you!”
Christina Segura – Integrity Lash – Pasadena, CA

“I had so many ah-ha! moments. All the speakers were amazing. I can’t wait to be there next year!”
Carol Lucio – Catz Hair – Dallas, TX

TBP16 Testimonial 1

“I now have a glimpse of what can be…a future with HOPE! Thank you for some hope!”
Rochelle Baumgartner – The Rose Hair Studio – Goodyear, AZ

“The format was awesome and the speakers were passionate. The TBP breakouts knocked our socks off with content and delivery!”
Renee Messick – Therapeutic Kneads – Highland Park, IL

“You guys hit it out of the park!”
Joseph Haviza – The Best Body Company – Virginia Beach, VA

“I love hearing success stories and being surrounded by similar people who can share great advice and experiences.”
Allessandra Cipriano – Hair & Nail Excellence – Allendale, NJ

“Every hour was chock-full of information that is valuable and relevant for helping us make the decision to convert to Team-Based Pay.”
Jean DeWinter – HairCrafters – South Bend, IN

TBP16 Testimonial 2

“I felt this was a real eye-opener for myself as support staff to understand more about why my bosses were focusing on certain numbers. I can now see more of where they would like to take the business.”
Karla Burgstahler – Amirage Salon, Day Spa & Hair Loss Center – Dubuque, IA

“High quality of information — and the enthusiasm underlying the delivery.”
Stephen Rainville – Stephen and Burns – Burlington, VT

“I learned the hard facts on what’s holding me back…and the tools and ideas to move forward. A nice reality check!”
Priti Juneja – The Kindest Cut SpaSalon – Springfield, VA

“Great topics. Fabulous presenters. Loved all the topics!”
Christi Newell – A-Glo Spa & Salon Co. – Janesville, WI

“This was my first TBP Conference, and I am so proud to work for a business that is affiliated with Strategies. Every aspect was done with passion, and broken down with the best, clear-cut explanations.”
Julia Weld – Oly Curl – Olympia, WA

“It was nice to be back around Strategies and to be reminded of what my priorities should be.”
Lisa Troughton – Peaceful Nature Massage – Coralville, IN

TBP16 Testimonial 3

“I am feeling eager and excited to continue my journey to be the best team leader I can be!”
Jessica Tergesen – Glance Spa & Salon – Bismarck, ND

“I loved hearing other companies’ success stories!”
Laura Hess – A-Glo Spa & Salon Co. – Janesville, WI

“This conference has been very inspiring, and has helped me reconnect to why I love this business model.”
Laura Watkins – Pure Salon Spa – Louisville, KY

“The amount and value of the information was amazing! The Digital Marketing segment was great!”
Erika Nielsen – Shear Trust & Color – Cedar Falls, VA

“All the topics were fantastic! I wanted to go to all of them but didn’t have enough time!”
Diane Dyck – Master’s Touch Hair Salon – Surrey, B.C. Canada

“The knowledge of everyone at Strategies is liberating.”
Vicki Manchester – Hey Good Look’n Salon & Spa – Lunenburg, MA

“Great advice from coaches. Great networking with other salon owners and managers. Awesome motivation!”
Erin Troklus – Pure Salon Spa – Louisville, KY

TBP16 Testimonial 4

“Everything was so inspiring. The information was so great to share with my leadership team.”
Bridgett DiVohl – Royale Hair Parlor – Bloomington, IN

“This conference really helped to get my juices flowing again, and re-built some of my passion.”
Loretta Sassmannshausen – Three Rivers Dermatology Skin Care Centre – Fort Wayne, IN

“The conference has given me relief in knowing that our business will survive and thrive. We have another chance to get it right. There will be a legacy left and I can do what I love.”
Erinn D Pearsen – Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon – Cambridge, MA

“Eric’s talk on Digital Marketing was gold!”
Linda Camacho – Beautify Spa & Make-Up – Tinley Park, IL

“Real. Friendly. Wonderful! Effective! So much info! Great tools!”
Stephanie Galmines – Salon Agape & Co. – Frankfort, IL

“I’m not currently on TBP, but I’m looking forward to the hard work to change and be rewarded with a great culture!”
Jamie Kolatzki – Pink Lemonade – Menomonee Falls, WI

“This event was so motivating. I can’t wait to convert to Team-Based Pay!”
Earl Pindar – Natural Fusion Hair Studio – Frederick, MA

TBP16 Testimonial 5

“Strategies has a great team. This conference is an experience that challenges, excites and reignites!”
Brandi King – JCMG Laser & Vein Medspa – Jefferson City, MO

“The information and excitement were wonderful. Everyone was so nice and motivating.”
Kristin Bellman – Dermistique Face & Body – Columbia, MO

“I just found out how much I didn’t know. Although I thought I’d made a culture shift, I now realize I have just begun.”
Suzanne Bell – Hair-Do Salon – Mesa, AZ

“Re-ignited my passion for what I do!”
Linda Vecchione – RN Esthetics & Laser Co. – Lynnfield, MA

TBP16 Testimonial 6

Reviews from TBP15

“It was more than I was expecting! I’m not alone and I don’t have to be mediocre. I am in awe of the possibilities!
Tricia Zinke – Asheville Hair Design – Asheville, NC

“Content was excellent. The presenters are #1!”
Mark Gonzales – Mark Pardo SalonSpa/Aveda Institute New Mexico – Albuquerque, NM

“This was a very eye-opening experience. A lot of information that will get us back on track.”
Taylor Diebel – Phresh Spa Salon – St. Paul, MN

“I thought I was coming to a course that just going to be discussing restructuring my payroll, but was so excited to find out that there is this whole population of people here to help in all aspects of my business. Strategies’ people are phenomenal!”
Eileen Fleer – Advanced Laser Clinic & Medspa – Gurnee, IL

“I lost my ‘mojo’ as a leader and have it back now that I have attended this conference! It is so much more than just changing the pay structure…it is about change the culture of my company to be the best it can be for employees and customers!”
Susan Leuders – Dermistique Face & Body – Columbia, MO

TBP Testimonial

“Great people. Great content!”
Chris Violetis -Medilean Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic – London, ON

“Such amazing content. I loved the networking aspect. Loved the panel discussion. TBP Awards ceremony was super-fun!”
Bridgette DiVohl – Royale Hair Parlor – Bloomington, IN

“Motivated me to do something so positive in my salon that I couldn’t have done otherwise.”
Ruthie Long – Long Strands Salon – Houston, TX

“This was my first time here. I thought everything was great. I love that Neil has so much passion about everything. I wish my whole team could see it. I learned so much not just for the presenters, but the attendees as well.”
Aubrey Brown – Transformations Lash Studio & Salon – Washington, IL

“Strategies, you did it again! Hard-hitting, relevant content that stirred up our passion to bring life and determination to keep working Team-Based Pay. No compromise!”
Renee Messick – Therapuetic Kneads, Ltd – Highland Park, IL

TBP Testimonial 1

“Very well-organized, and delivered with great attitudes in a fun, energetic and professional manner.”
Stephanie Fischer – Salon Secrets Spa – Kennett Square, PA

“It made me realize how much I’ve slid back. TBP is truly a system of excellence!”
Debbie DelMonte – A Sense of Eden Salon & Spa – Beaver, PA

“I loved that there were TBP and non-TBP breakouts. I wasn’t sure if it would have been beneficial to bring someone else with me. I should have — lesson learned!”
Loretta Sassmannhausen – Three Rivers Dermatology & Windy Ridge Skin Care Center – Fort Wayne, IN

“Perfectly organized, on time, energetic, friendly, professional and supportive! Every breakout was informative and the variety was great.”
Jessica Earhart – Rituals Salon-Spa – Midlothian, VA

“Very information and motivating.”
Brittney Pointer – Tracy b Hair Studio – Atlanta, GA

TBP Testimonial 3

“The information was thorough and explained wonderfully. Loved the consistent high energy and attitudes of the speakers.”
Katherine Eul – Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio – Chicago, IL

“Lots of great takeaways. Loved hearing from the panel of Team-Based Pay salons and the success stories of those who have done conversions.”
Jeannette Kemble – Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio – Chicago, IL

“Presenters were unified and consistent. The message was clear, it made sense and it was fun. The systems are in place!”
Alex Ioannou – Trio Salon – Chicago, IL

“Reconfirmed my intuition for the need to change. This conference is my sanity/mental health retreat.”
Bridgette McLeod – Cloud 9 Salon & Spa – Martins Fertty, OH

“I needed a boost to get started and take over this company. Huge catalyst!”
Kyle Luikart – Mark’s Place – New Philadelphia, OH

TBP Testimonial 2

“I began my journey with my company as their manager/team leader the day before this conference. This has been an amazing eye-opening experience and I ready to ‘rock’ this!”
Christine Geers – A Clover on Main Salon & Spa – Galena, IL

“Well done! Amazing information in a short amount of time! I’m excited to get home and to start making changes in my team!”
Loren Brimhall – Luxxi Salon – Phoenix, AZ

“Great to be inspired by coaches and industry leaders, as well as the like-minded.”
Tiffany Sewell – Blush Salon – Albany, ON

“Listening to other’s stories of where they are now was great. It feels like a family. Really nice!”
Stephanie Boucher – Stephanotis Hair – Ottawa, ON

“Always nice coming to Strategies’ events/classes and getting re-inspired, re-energized and motivated to implement what I learned in the salon. Always learning something new at these classes.”
Rachel Renzi – The Kindest Cut SpaSalon – Springfield, VA

TBP Testimonial 4

“I’m super motivated now that I can more clearly see what I need to improve on.”
Lacey Spaulding – Blush Salon – Fargo, ND

“The Strategies team cover all the information so well. You could feel an actual team come together. I loved every course.”
Johnny Grey – Blush Salon – Fargo, ND

“This was my first experience with Strategies and it was great to hear other Team-Based Pay salons share their journeys as they converted.”
Candice Dennis – Mermaid Hair Extensions – Kirkland, WA

“Coming to this event as a manager, I found a lot of the information motivating and helpful, allowing me to grasp the Team-Based Pay system much easier.”
Mandi Earnhardt – Salon Hairajuku – Streetsboro, OH

“I learned so much about what I didn’t know I needed to be doing.”
Jennifer Miller – Salon Hairajuku – Streetsboro, OH

TBP Testimonial 5

“Two very packed days of great motivation.”
Richard Hill – Eden Salon & Spa – Oklahoma City, OK

“Made me get to that point where I became uncomfortable, and think about ways to go from 8 to 10.”
Pete Polignone – Rituals Salon-Spa – Midlothian, VA

“All of the concepts and teachers were so inspiring. We also loved seeing other motivated businesses.”
Andrea Silhanek – b|rose beauty bar – Powell, OH

“I recently started working for a Team-Based Pay salon, and not only has this assured my beliefs that the system works, has has also allowed me to come up with ideas through collaboration with others.”
Devin Welkley – Phoenix, A Salon – Williamsville, NY


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