Bridgett DiVohl


Bridgett DiVohl

Owner/ Master Stylist
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20 years as a stylist at top salons in Cincinnati and Chicago.  Shortly after moving to Bloomington Indiana I opened Royale Hair Parlor, in 2012 in pursuit of creating a salon with strong technical training systems and community engagement. I  found out shortly after opening that in order to pursue my dreams and come out of a direction pointing to the “fiery pits of hell”, I needed help from the best. I have been working with Strategies since 2014 and now have sight of my dream job as the leader of my company. I am  building strong systems and creating strong bonds with my employees and it feels great.


September 18, 2016
Team-Based Pay Best Practices Panel
Grand Ballroom III, IV & V
4:00pm  -  5:30pm