Emmanuel Mroczka

Emmanuel Paul

Emmanuel Mroczka

Certified Strategies Coach

Emmanuel Mroczka is COO and part owner of the Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center. Emmanuel grew up in the salon and hair restoration industry, with his earliest influence being his parents, Jeffrey and Zina Mroczka, a pair of passionate, dedicated and extremely talented stylists, and business entrepreneurs, whose sole mission was to help men, women and children to restore their beauty, both inside and out

Emmanuel studied at Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree with a focus on Marketing. After completing his studies, and being recruited for a position in sales by two of the nation’s top Pharmaceutical companies, Emmanuel decided to follow his heart, and the footsteps pioneered by his father, by beginning his career at Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center.

In 2014, Emmanuel was certified by the Cesare Ragazzi company out of Bologna, Italy as a Trichologist. He has worked with his team to introduce and lead the Cleveland area in scalp and hair makeovers. Performing hundreds of scalp analyses in the Ohio area.

Over the last 11 years Emmanuel has become highly skilled and proficient in each area of the business. He, along with the help of Strategies, has cultivated and orchestrated a team that has expanded and transformed a 40 year old company into an incredibly successful and more profitable company today. Emmanuel was recruited and, eagerly accepted the invitation, to join the Strategies team as a Certified Strategies Coach. Continuing with his passion to help others, he enjoys and excels at working with the owners and leadership teams of salons, spas and medi-spas to help them achieve the successful and profitable business they have always dreamed of.

Most of all, Emmanuel cherishes the time he spends with the loves of his life, his wife April and their two daughters Valentina (3) and Giavanna (1)… aka his Italian Mafiosa.


September 19, 2016
Pay Raise Strategies
Grand Ballroom III, IV & V
10:15am  -  11:30am