Melanie Loboda

Melanie Loboda

Melanie Loboda

Certified Strategies Coach
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Melanie McCain Loboda has been a leader in the beauty industry since 1987, spending 17 years as a salon owner. “I’ve always loved the beauty industry’s tremendous energy and inspiration,” Melanie says. “We have the opportunity to make a significant difference in people’s lives each and every day – I can’t imagine not being a part of it.”

Melanie knew from the start of her career that she wanted to foster a different type of salon environment – one where teamwork was evident, service was maintained at the highest level, and growth was available for all employees.

In addition to thriving on the creative rewards of the industry, Melanie was drawn to the business side of salon ownership – including systems, marketing, and the mentoring of others. Strategies played a key role in developing these passions. “When I first came to Strategies, I didn’t even know many of the basics,” she says. “Learning the numbers was true freedom for me, as it allowed me to separate the truth from my emotions. The numbers always have a factual story to tell.” She attributes Strategies’ systems and culture, including Team-Based Pay, as the foundation for her salon’s success.

As a Certified Strategies Coach, Melanie is committed to helping others achieve their best with compassion and integrity. In addition to mastering business operations, Melanie excels at communication styles and facilitating communications between those with vastly differing approaches.

“It is so gratifying to see the light bulb go off when I’m working with a client,” Melanie says. “I thoroughly enjoy helping others discover how they can reach their full potential in business and relationships simply by looking through a different lens.”

Melanie believes it is paramount to be part of a company that practices what it preaches. “Strategies achieves that with no judgment, true teamwork, and a no-compromise approach to success!”


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