Michael Yost

Michael Yost

Michael Yost

Certified Strategies Coach

As a part of the beauty industry since 1991 and a business owner for 16 years, Michael has seen a lot of changes in the industry but also many areas that very much stay the same.

Michael first found Strategies as a new business owner himself, attending Incubator in the Fall of 2001 in Chicago. The information he heard as an attendee changed his view on his business and how to move forward for the future. In his 16 years of ownership many things changed around him, but the foundation that was built in that first class stayed the same. Quite simply, it fundamentally changed his approach to our industry.

That one class opened up a relationship with Strategies that has lasted ever since. Michael now has the privilege of teaching, mentoring, and coaching others as to how to reach their business and personal goals using the solid business principles that Strategies teaches.

As a presenter and coach Michael believes that, “There is no magic pill, or easy fix. However a willingness to work hard and stay true to the systems that drive your business will allow you to reach the goals you have set.” His job is to help you stay accountable to reaching that objective, and as a teacher/presenter giving you the tools needed to get the job done.


September 18, 2016
Communicating Price Increases
Grand Ballroom III, IV & V
1:00pm  -  2:15pm
September 19, 2016
Broadbands – The “Dark Knight” of Employee Growth
Grand Ballroom I & II
1:00pm  -  2:15pm